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January 25, 2021
Lee Hedger
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85 new businesses are formed every hour in the UK.

of which 60% of them will fail within three years.

It's not just about a fancy name or logo, its about looking professional and being trust worthy (not having a gmail email address is a good start!) Your brand is what people say about you when you leave the room.

in 2020 there was increase of over 15% of new companies formed in the UK. Of those companies over 88% (unsurprisingly) where on-line / e-commerce.

Now that's a lot of competition! Here's some tips to start your business and give yourself a fighting chance.

When you’re building your brand strategy, you need to:

  • Define who you are. Who are you as a company? If you’re not clear on who you are as a brand, your branding will feel scattered and confusing.
  • Understand your point of difference. What makes you different from the other brands out there? Why should your customers work with you over the competition?
  • Create your brand mission statement. Your mission statement is the “why” behind your business. If you’re stumped on what your mission is, try filling in this sentence: “Our company exists to ______. In five years, we plan to _____.”
  • Write out your values. Your corporate values will not only drive your internal strategy, it will also help you connect externally with your customers. What do you stand for?
  • Get clear on your ideal customer. You want to make sure when you build a brand, it appeals to your target customers—but it’s impossible to do that if you don’t know who those customers are. Create an ideal customer avatar and use it to drive your branding process.

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