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Long Live Print

For several years, we’ve been told that print is dead. Everywhere you look, there seems to be another article informing us that it’s outdated, out of touch and superseded by modern technology and digital advertising.

Digital marketing complements, not replaces,
print marketing

Successful marketeers understand that the key to effective communications is utilising the entire marketing mix. Too many view the digital vs print conversation as a battle of the disciplines, with only one winner – but this simply doesn’t have to be the case.

Mixed media is the way forward and print has a huge opportunity to work alongside digital, with one a perfect complement to the other.

Whether it’s a brochure to supplement online advertising, or a flyer with a QR code linking to further information, print can lead the way in a myriad of advertising opportunities.

Taking this one step further, incorporating Augmented Reality into printed products really can bring marketing campaigns to life and bring the two worlds together – exciting stuff that we are thrilled to be seeing more and more of.

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