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All social media accounts should have a verified ID behind them.

We pondered this last night - thinking about online abuse, trolling, racism, stalking and a whole lot more misuse cases - and I couldn’t think of one good reason not to have a verified ID for social accounts.

It shouldn’t mean your name is publicly visible, or your username has to be your own name, we have to protect vulnerable people - but you should have to be identified to the operator.

It won’t cut all racism and online abuse. Because many people just don’t care and are happy to own the abhorrent thinking.

But it will cut a lot. It will protect young people too. Children particularly. I think it’s the right way forward to move our dialogue and our thinking forward. To create more accountability.

Social Media is like the wild west - lawless. And unable to police itself. It’s clear we need better protections. More accountability. And a totally new approach to social media to stop online abuse.

While many of us stand against racism and other forms of abuse, in many ways young people see more of it today than they have in years. We cannot let it become ‘normal’. That in itself would be a moral crime.

It’s time to say no to online abuse. I totally accept issues around vulnerable people need some reflection. But surely we have to drive change.

I’m totally open to a debate on it. I wrestle a bit with this concept. Because I believe in freedoms. But, we also have choices. To use social or not.

Tricky. Yes. But change is a must.

Source: - Gellan Watt

"Regulatory and law enforcement models already exist to deal with the vast majority of criminal misuses of unattributed speech or online anonymity. The question is why they are not being used to their full extent, and consequently, what government and petitioners would hope to achieve with any new regulations which are not possible under current laws."

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